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Affirmative Action

We not only assists federal contractors with writing and implementing Affirmative Action plans. We assist contractors in developing & monitoring of the program with annual training for all Supervisors and Managers.


Our staff of expert human resource consultants is available to provide you with a customized handbook, a review of your current handbook, or provide you with a revised handbook that will meet your individual needs.

HR Support

We provide a range of Human Resource Support, from training employees of all levels including supervisors and managers, acting as a 3rd Party in investigating complaints, drafting specific Job descriptions, and much more.

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With Total Compliance Connection, you can refocus your attention on running your business knowing that the professional staff at Total Compliance is handling your human resource needs, including Affirmative Action. You will no longer have to spend hours, lost in federal and state laws and regulations, searching for answers to your human resource issues. Total Compliance is also available to train your management staff and employees in a number of issues, such as Harassment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Conflict resolution in the workplace, Military Leave, Performance Reviews, Fair Labor Standards Act, Substance Abuse issues and much more.

Because Total Compliance has a diverse team of human resource professionals on staff, we can offer our clients a high level of human resource support, both practically and legally, at a surprisingly affordable cost.

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