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The laws and regulations pertaining to Affirmative Action require covered employers to do more than just draft and maintain an Affirmative Action plan document. Under these laws and regulations, a covered employer must perform a number of acts relating to workplace policies and procedures that both demonstrate the employers commitment to Affirmative Action, and that actually show the implementation of the employer’s Affirmative Action plan in the workplace.

This means not only does the employer have to put Affirmative Action policies and procedures in place, but that the employers managers and supervisors must understand the policies and procedures and bring them “alive” through their actions and behaviors.

How we can help

We will assist contractors in developing a program, not just a plan, in the following manner:

– Education on the requirements of an Affirmative Action Program.

– Plan Development

– Implementation of the Program.

– On-going monitoring of the Program.

– Annual training for all Supervisors and Managers.

– An Affirmative Action Plan for all facilities/locations

– Updates to any regulation changes

– OFCCP Audit Assistance.

– Completion of Annual EEO-1 and Vets-100 Reports.

– Identification of recruiting sources likely to give rise to applicants who are members of legally protected classes in the geographic areas of all facilities; and procedures for documentation of recruiting efforts with regard to such applicants

– Training for managers and supervisors regarding their implementation of affirmative action

– Support with OFCCP audits and other governmental inquiries relating to affirmative action programs

– Procedures and forms for compiling the data necessary to track applicants and employees as required by federal law

– Implementation procedures necessary to show that affirmative action is being practiced in the workplace, such as written statements on business correspondence identifying the company as an affirmative action employer

– Statistical analysis of demographic data pertaining to applicant flow, hiring, promotion, termination and assistance setting goals and timetables where areas of underutilization are identified

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