Employee Handbook

How it works

The importance of a well-written employee handbook cannot be overstated. A clear, easily understood statement of the company’s policies is a vehicle for distributing important information to all employees. It will also allow for consistent application of the policies among supervisors and managers, and allow them to operate with a greater sense of confidence as they make employment decisions. Finally, in litigation, a well-drafted employee handbook can be the employer’s best defense for showing that employees were treated fairly and consistently.

There are also many “land mines” in poorly drafted handbooks such as confusion and lowered morale among employees, the appearance of an express or implied employment contract modifying the at-will relationship, or the potential for disparate treatment of employees.

Total Compliance Connection’s staff of expert human resource consultants is available to provide you with a customized handbook, a review of your current handbook, or provide you with a revised handbook that will meet your individual needs.

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